Daily Hadith Mon 20-Feb-2017 - 22 Jumada al-Ula 1438 حديث اليوم
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Excellence of Adopting Moderation in Dress
`Amr bin Shu`aib on the authority of his father and grandfather reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Allah loves to see the sign of His Bounties on his slave."[At-Tirmidhi].

Asimple dress is commendable if one wears it as a gesture of humility wining Allah's Pleasure. Yet, to zealously pursue the goal of goodness, to extend a helping hand to the indigent and the needy, to behave favourably towards one's relatives and to wear a fine dress as a manifestation of Allah's Favours are equally good acts of high merit. A fine dress is not impeachable in itself but it becomes so, if worn with an air of arrogance and self-importance. On the other hand, an expression of Divine bounty makes it praiseworthy. In other words, it is the intention which makes an act good or bad. Alongside the practice of the example of Messenger of Allah (PBUH), the sincerity of action and making right intention, therefore, become indispensable.

121/803 - Riyad Us-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous)

مقترحاتكم نسخة للطباعة احاديث الباب آيات الباب الحديث السابق
باب استحباب التوسط في اللباس
ولا يقتصر على ما يزري به لغير حاجة ولا مقصود شرعي
عن عمرو بن شُعْيبٍ عن أَبيه عَنْ جدِّهِ رضيَ اللَّهُ عنه قال : قالَ رسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وسَلَّم: « إِن اللَّه يُحِبُّ أَنْ يُرى أَثَرُ نِعْمَتِهِ عَلى عبْده» .رواهُ الترمذي وقال : حديثٌ حسن .
803/121 - رياض الصالحين
Mon 20-Feb-2017 - 22 Jumada al-Ula 1438
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