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Welcome to Alfurqan Version 1.0. This application is designed to help learning Arabic as a step to learn The Holy Quran. May Allah make it useful for who purchases this application. This application has English/Arabic user interface.

Alfurqan has been recognized as part of the curriculum of the following Quran Schools:
Alfurqan School.
Dar-Assunnah School for Quran Recitation and Memorization.
Somali Resource & Heritage Centre.

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Main Features

- Main structure
Alfurqan application consists of a set of lessons' groups, each lessons' groups consists from a set of lessons, each lesson consists of a set of items, and each item is an Arabic letter or an Arabic word and how you pronounce it.

- Font
The font that is used to displayed Arabic text is matching the font of the The Holy Quran (Al-madinah version).

- Controls


There are a set of blue buttons which are located at the bottom of the screen:


Previous Button :  when the user clicks on this button, the previous item will be displayed


Slide show Button :  when the user clicks on this button, it will toggle the slide show mode. When the slide show mode is on, the items of the current lesson will be displayed in sequence automatically and leaves a short time between each item to give a chance for the user to repeat after hearing the sounds from the application.


Repeat Button :  when the user clicks on this button, you will hear the current item again. you could do that too, if you click any where in the area that display the text of the current item.


Quiz Button :  when the user clicks on this button, the application will toggle the Quiz mode. When the Quiz mode is on, it show a random item without the sound as a test for the user. To know the right sound for the displayed item, the user will need to click on this button again.


Next Button :  when the user clicks on this button, the next item will be displayed

- Beginner/Advanced Modes
Most of the lessons has two modes: the beginner mode and the advanced mode. The user can switch between these two modes by clicking on the Beginner/Advanced button (the blue button which is located at the bottom of the main red menu) .
- The beginner mode explains each item in details.
- The advanced mode explains each item in less details and has more words.
It is recommended to start each lesson in the beginner mode and once the user master this lesson, it is recommended to switch to the advanced mode to lean more words for the same lesson.
The user can choose any group of lessons then select the suitable lesson.
To start the lesson from the beginning, the user could click on the current lesson again in the main menu. 

- Arabic/English interface
This application has a bilingual interface (Arabic/English). You can change the interface language from the blue icon beside the the red X button which is located at the top right side (top left side in the Arabic interface) of the top of the screen.

- Help about
To see the help about of Alfurqan application, you can click on the SesameSoft logo. It will show up the help about dialog that display the version number of the application, the SesameSoft company web site and the .

- Exit application
To exit from Alfurqan application, click on the red X button which is located at the top right side.


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