Riyad Us-Saliheen رياض الصالحين
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51- Hope in Allah's Mercy
52- Excellence of Good Hopes
53- Combining Hope and Fear (of Allah)
54- Excellence of Weeping out of Fear from Allah (swt)
55- Excellence of Leading an Ascetic Life, and Virtues of Simple Life
56- Excellence of Simple Living and being Content with Little
57- Contentment and Self-esteem and avoidance of unnecessary begging of People
58- Permissibility of Assistance without Greed
59- Encouraging Livelihood by (working with) Hands and Abstaining from Begging
60- Excellence of Generosity and Spending in a Good cause with Reliance on Allah
61- Prohibition of Miserliness
62- Selflessness and Sympathy
63- Competition in matters of the Hereafter
64- Excellence of a Grateful Rich Man
65- Remembrance of Death and Restraint of Wishes
66- Desirability of visiting the Graves for men, and that they should say
67- Abomination of longing for Death
68- Leading an Abstemious Life and refraining from the Doubtful
69- Desirability of Seclusion at times of corruption committed by the people of the World
70- Excellence of mixing with People and attending their social activities
71- Modesty and Courtesy towards the Believers
72- Condemnation of Pride and Self-Conceit
73- Good Conduct
74- Clemency, Tolerance and Gentleness
75- Forgiveness of the Ignorant
76- Endurance of Afflictions
77- Indignation against the Transgression of Divine Laws
78- Obligation of Rulers to show Kindness to their Subjects
79- The Just Ruler
80- Obligation of Obedience to the Ruler in what is Lawful and Prohibition of Obeying them in what is Unlawful
81- Undesirability of Aspiring for Office
82- Appointment of Pious Governors, Advisors and Judges
83- Prohibition of Appointing an Aspirant Person to a Public Office of Authority
84- Exaltation of Modesty
85- Secrecy of Private Matters (Guarding Secrets)
86- Fulfillment of Promises
87- Safeguarding and Perpetuating Good Habits
88- Excellence of meeting with a smiling Countenance and Politeness in Speech
89- Clarity of Discourse
90- Listening Attentively
91- Brevity in Preaching
92- Dignity and Tranquility
93- Excellence of Walking Solemnly (Towards the Mosque) to perform As-Salat (The Prayer) and other Religious Duties
94- Honoring the Guest
95- Excellence of Conveying Glad Tidings and Congratulations
96- Bidding Farewell and Advising on the Eve of Departure for a Journey or other Things
97- Istikhara (Seeking Guidance from Allah), and Consultation
98- Excellence of Adopting Different Routes for going and returning on 'Eid Prayer and various other Occasions
99- Excellence of using the right Hand for Performing various good Acts
100- Mentioning Bismillah before and saying Al-Hamdulillah after Eating
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