Riyad Us-Saliheen رياض الصالحين
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The Struggle (in the Cause of Allah)
Allah, the Exalted, says:
"As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely, guide them to Our paths (i.e., Allahs religion - Islamic Monotheism). And verily, Allah is with the Muhsinun (gooddoers)". (29:69)
"And worship your Rubb until there comes unto you the certainty (i.e., death)". (15:99)
"And remember the Name of your Rubb and devote yourself to Him with a complete devotion." (73:8)
"So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), shall see it". (99:7)
"And whatever good you send before you for yourselves (i.e., Nawafil - non-obligatory acts of worship: prayers, charity, fasting, Hajj and Umrah, etc.), you will certainly find it with Allah, better and greater in reward." (73:20)
"And whatever you spend in good, surely, Allah knows it well." (2:273)
Chapter Hadiths
11 - Riyad Us-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous)